sapor® bar soap dispensers - environmentally friendly and sustainable

Discover the new eco washroom concept sapor greenline!

All sapor® products distinguish themselves through high quality standards, longevity and keeping to the highest hygiene standards.

The sapor® principle

Unlike dispensers for liquid soap, the sapor® principle is based on the use of solid bar soap. Through the use of the dispenser mechanics, the soap is grinded into soap flakes, which assures a hygienic individual dosage.

  • Profitability
    One piece of sapor® bar soap equals one litre of liquid soap and is enough to serve up to 400 hand washings.
  • Temperature independent usage
    Regardless of whether it is extremely hot or cold, the dispenser works.
  • Ecologically sustainable use of resources
    Reduction of water and preservatives use during the production process.
  • The product’s economic benefits
    High efficiency due to low refill, storage and logistics costs.
  • Lifetime warranty
    All sapor® dispenser bodies are given a lifetime warranty.